Sunday, January 5, 2014

you know you love your roommates when....

As I look back at all the different roommates I have had, I am so thankful! 
Each of them has taught me so many lessons and to this day (many years later) I still value each of their friendships! When you become roommates with someone, you become way more than friends and way closer than sisters. What is usually known as 'awkward' or what is called 'going way too deep and personal' slowly becomes completely and totally typical household behavior between all roommates. 

1) You always get invited somewhere in pairs or as a group. Nobody ever sees you without at least one of your roommates tagging along.

2) You text them photos of your face just to bother them, when they are in fact sitting in the room across the hall.

3) You have a serious chat with your roommate about whether or not it is acceptable to fart aloud in front of each other. And when you decide that it is in fact acceptable, you decided to dedicate that day to be 'your anniversary'. 

4) You get into a really long deep conversation that you don't want to end or interrupt by having to go to the bathroom, so you just go to the bathroom with the door open and continue talking.   

5) Just because all of your roommates vehicles are parked in the driveway, does NOT mean that all of your roommates are at home. It has become necessary to do a physical head count before chaining the doors shut because it was a weekly occurrence that one roommate would be sitting on the front porch, locked out of the house at 4am. 

6) Roommates become the best gift-givers. They know exactly what you want because they already know everything you own and everything you complain you don't have. 

7) We all take turns packing each other lunch. Some lunches may or may not have a post-it note on it saying 'have a good day!' Because that's how we mother each other. 

8) You know when all four of the female roommates are dealing with their 'time of the month' because everyone spends an entire week ignoring each other in their own separate rooms. 

9) If you are one of the lucky few, the greatest gift in life is a roommate that has the same shoe size of you. For me right now....three out of four of us roommates have the exact same shoe size. As if I didn't have enough shoes, my shoe closet just tripled. Score. 

10) It's perfectly normal to start a load of laundry at 1:30am...with all of our crazy work schedules, it's literally the only time that some of us have to get stuff done around the house. 

11) Your roommate's significant others become like extended roommates. It's like having 9 roommates instead of 3.  

12) Your roommates become your go-to wing-woman. No matter what occasion. You need a buddy to go with you to a boring art show? Perfect, you got three roommates to choose from. You want to go to the church festival, but don't want to go alone? Perfect, grab a roommate.  

13) At the end of the day, all of the roommates end up in one bed. Cuddling. 

14) You will find a reason. Any reason. To make a cake. For example. Lauren-bought-her-wedding-dress-today cake. Or my personal favorite....I-survived-monday cake. These have all happened in my household.

15) Partially nudity is completely acceptable and normal. Yoga pants or no pants is our motto. 


  1. Fun post! Hopefully the one on the porch at 4 AM is able to awaken someone.

  2. very cool & true

    -megan h