Friday, March 8, 2013

wedding time.....again.

Whenever I say "I am in my friend's wedding" the only kind of response I get is "AGAIN?!" Hahaha apparently I've been a bridesmaid quite a few times (only five times). 

This is Emily (far right) along with Sam (top), me (left), and Kathy (center). We met freshman year in college at orientation (i feel SO OLD saying that!) 

 We became close friends very fast, because she lived just down the hall and around the corner from me. Sophomore year, she transferred to another school in the Cincinnati area. Which was sad, but I still got to see her quite often. We were both raised in the country with conservative backgrounds, so we got along very well. 
(photo: Sophomore Year in College) 

She and her boyfriend have been together for over 5 years and had dated throughout high school and into college. I lived with Emily in an apartment this past summer, which is when Grant (her now husband) proposed to her. Everyone knew that a proposal was coming, so nobody was very surprised, just all very happy! 
Before they were even engaged Emily was telling me about how she wanted to have square dancing at her wedding. My response? "Well good thing I'm not a bridesmaid, otherwise I would HAVE to squaredance." Hahahaha
Emily never really asked me to be a bridesmaid. She just assumed I would. The next thing I know she keeps saying things like "you and the rest of the bridesmaids"... or "you bridesmaids can"... Sooooo I guess I'm a bridesmaid now?!?!

I have to admit, I had the most fun at this wedding. Not that I don't have fun at other weddings. This one was just different. I only knew about 9 people (including Emily's family) at the wedding. So I figured I wouldn't have that much fun because I didn't know anybody. Plus I'm not that big of a dancer. But boy was I ever wrong. It was a blast. I don't exactly know how/why it was, but it just was. Everyone was so friendly, and I met some great people. They served cranberry mixed drinks, and yes had square-dancing ...which was SURPRISINGLY fun. Hahaha I bet my middle school gym teacher would have never thought I'd say that! In middle school, we had to square dance in gym class, and it was the most dreadful gym activity EVER. Nobody ever wanted to have to do it again. And I honestly never thought I would. 

Okay, onto the photos. I feel like I didn't take very many, but here are some that I did get! :) Enjoy!! 

Emily and I all ready to go!  

Helping put on Emily's garter

The boquets, which Emily and I made!....well mostly Emily made them, I just attempted to help.  

 Us bridesmaids (minus Samantha). Sara, Emily's sister/maid of honor (far left), Kelly, Matron of honor (second from left), Emily the Bride, and then me (far right). 

Emily, her mother, and her sister Sara. 

All of us bridesmaids! The past weddings I've been in have had in between 5-9 bridesmaids, but this is the first time I've been one of four! I felt so honored to be chosen as a bridesmaid! Out of ALLLLL of Emily's friends, she chose me! And we have only known each other for the past few college years. Sara is Emily's sister, Kelly is Emily's cousin, and Samantha is Emily's everyone else was family, and I was the only friend. It was an huge honor, and I felt so special to be a part of her wedding! 

Emily's hair and veil. She wore her mother's veil. 

 Me and Emily :) 

 Ceremony time....

Emily's family

Grant & Emily 

Grant's Family (not quite ready lol)

The Wedding Party. In a few of the pictures, we weren't quite ready yet so you might see some weird facial expressions! Check out those dresses.....I thought they were so pretty and elegant. I felt like a princess! And ch ch check out those grey tuxedos....nothing more handsome than a grey tux. Seriously. 

Mmmmm wine :) 

No, this is not a fashion statement, we were legit FREEZING in the reception hall. 

I absolutely love being a bridesmaid. It brings me so much joy to be such a big part of my friend's special day. You know that quote "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride"....well if that happens, I'd be perfectly happy being a bridesmaid for the rest of my life.

Peace out.  

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  1. you look beautiful! LOVE the square-dancing idea! :)