Tuesday, March 19, 2013

high-waisted what?

Apparently high waisted stuff is coming into style. Im sure the words "I TOLD YOU SO" are going through my mother's head right now. I would always give my mother so much crap about how high her waist line was...and she would always tell me that one day it would come back into style....and it has!

And unfortunately have to shamefully admit....I kind of like it.   

It's so....bohemian. so hipster. so laid back. so hippie. so funky. so creative. 

Oh man, I wish I was a fashionista. Sometimes I get this big ego and I think I am...but then I realize that I'm not. Usually that happens after I try to pull off a runway-inspired look, and fail miserably. Like they say, pride comes before the fall! And instead of an effortlessly-cool fashionista, I just look like a homeless clown. Yeah, it's that bad. 

I've seen these on pinterest this past week, and I seriously LOVE the look of these high-waisted denim shorts. I love how they look old and worn, and it gives the girl a vintage vibe. Call me crazy, I don't care. but I like them. :)    

Soooooo after all of that....I ended up purchasing a pair of high-waisted denim shorts myself. I don't know yet if that was a good decision or not.... :/ They are actually (surprisingly) VERY comfortable! I thought for sure that high-waisted stuff would feel weird or give me wedgies or something? 
It's just that 'fashion' is one thing and 'bethany pulling off fashion' is a completely different thing. We will see how this goes. I might just be too scared to actually wear them. Good thing they only cost me $8...that way if I end up not wearing them, it's not that big of a loss. I mean, I hope I do wear them though. Seems legit. Right? Right. Wow. Sometimes I don't even understand what goes through my mind. Sigh...women.

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my wardrobe....
(Vintage High Rise Acid Wash Denim Cutoffs; Forever 21) 


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  1. HA HA - you dare make fun of your mom - what was our generation of style is now coming back- high waisted pants are flattering - and new to you !!
    love you - Aunt Penny