Thursday, November 29, 2012

things on my mind....

welcome to a day in the brain of bethany. 
a few things on my mind today....

1. i think i may need to invest in punching bag. only for the sake of me not going crazy over my senior thesis project and unloading my wrath on an innocent bystander.

2. i have added several things to my bucket list over the past few weeks. if you know me, you probably know how long and unrealistic my bucket list is already. but i don't care. dreaming keeps me young at heart. please see additions to my list below...

-longboard across Spain
-hike the Appalachian trail
-have pink hair
-backpack across Europe

3. not having any evenings free is just plain stupid. i have three night classes in a row (tuesday-thursday) from 6:30pm-9:30pm, and working 2-3 evenings per weekend at work (4pm-10pm). i seriously don't have a single evening free, and it kinda sorta stinks. 

4. i have finally come to terms with having curly hair. i may not like it. and i may want to rip it out somedays. but i have come to the realization that i will never ever have pin-straight hair. and i am okay with that. 

5. deactivating your facebook account is the most amazing feeling. i have more time to focus on more important my spiritual life. and not having it has kicked my butt in gear for finals week.

6. i have a lot of guy friends. maybe too many. a few of them invited me to play xbox with them the other day...because i guess their girlfriends don't know how to play or don't like to...(just for the record, i accepted their offer and we had a blast.)

7. i have decided that just incase being a graphic designer does not work out, that i will become a national geographic photographer. why? because traveling the world and photographing at the same time would be awesome.

8. pulling all-nighters are fun but awful at the same time. most of us senior design majors were in the art department on Tuesday at 4pm till Wednesday at 9am finishing up our portfolios. our class is really close, so we were goofing off and telling stories all night long. but after i turned in my project and had to go to class all day, my coffee wore off and i about died.

thanks for joining in on the random thoughts and woes of bethany. i hope you enjoyed yourself. 

peace out peeps.


  1. You are funny! Hang in there. Please dont do the pink hair thing. Dark brown and wavy is beautiful! Love you, Mum

  2. Love this post - you are such a free spirit...wish I was a bit more like that :)

    Love your mom's comment :)

  3. haha thank you sarah!! :) and mum...ya ya ya i knowwww. sigh.

  4. you are awesome! and i miss you!

  5. PINK HAIR!! we should do that together before my husband comes home!! oh wait nope, i work in a professional environment now. sigh… shoulda, woulda, coulda….