Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a catch up on my college life...

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged....and it has been a long time. I'm just going to give you a little update on what I've been doing the past few weeks here at college. Here are just a few pictures of me, my friends, and stuff I've been up to the past few weeks......

First off, college is amazing. For those of you deciding if you should or should not go to college....go. College has probably been the most amazing and wonderful experience of my life. Its hard to believe that I am a senior in college and I'll be graduating in May. But the past four years have been a constant stream of fun, excitement, laughter, adventure, and experiences that I can't wait to share with my grandchildren someday! 
All of us senior graphic design majors have been in the same classes together for the past several years, so we have all become really close. On Halloween, our professor gave us all masks and told us to decorate them according to our thesis...hence the crazy masks. Don't ask what mine was.... :/ hahaha
Here is just the guys. The group picture is on someone else's camera...

A few weeks ago, I was a leader on a spiritual retreat hosted through my school called 'Metanoia', which means 'Change of Heart'. I went on the retreat two years ago, and now I had the opportunity to lead it. The retreat is very deep, very spiritual, and very life changing. Lots of people cried, lots of people broke down, and lots of people opened up. It was an eye opening experience for many of the students, as it was for me. I loved every minute of it. This is a group picture of the leaders....obviously we all became very good friends!! :) 

Stephanie and Lisa are probably my two closest girlfriends at MSJ. We all have the same major, and we have all roomed with each other at some point throughout college. We seriously do everything together; God could not have blessed me with better college friends. This is our hair-braiding party. I taught them how to french braid and do a fishtail braid and we all practiced on each other! Very girly, I know! But hey, we had a blast!
(right: Stephanie, center: Lisa, left: Me)

Usually I'm not very bold with fashion. I tend to be very shy and I never try a 'new look' or a high end style. But last week I was in this weird mood to wear boots. So I wore boots.....every day. A different pair of boots every day in fact!! But here are my favorite...cowgirl boots! 

Anyway, moving on to something more interesting than my life......
I hope you have a fantastic day and thank you for stoping by my blog! 

Peace out. 

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  1. so proud of your daring fashionista side! :)