Friday, February 10, 2012


Wow. It's been forever since I have blogged. And I have missed it so much. Seriously. I have wanted to have a little break for myself for over 4 weeks now, but it just hasn't happened. With 18 credit hours, working 23 hours a week, being an RA, involved in Campus Ministry Leadership Team and trying to get back into Student Photography Club, traveling to Lexington, KY for church on weekends, and having a  5.5 hour long class on Saturdays...I haven't really had too much time to myself. I'm just thankful if I can get in more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and still remember what day it is. But I guess my sleep depravation story should be for another time....moving on....

Here are just a few things that I want to tell you that have been happening them past few weeks. 

On January 1, 2012 I went Polar Bear Swimming. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this (it's been on my bucket list), and I was so excited to find someone to go with me! I asked my mum, "Who is crazy enough to go polar bear swimming with me?!" My mum said, "Just call Lena, she'll do anything!" It was obviously cold, but also very windy. After we jumped in, took a quick picture, we took off running down State Road 124, dressed in our swimsuits, fuzzy boots, and towels wrapped around us, screaming our heads off as we run back to Lena's house. Hahaha it must have been quite the site if any of you Indiana people took that road on your way home from church that afternoon!  

I'd like to introduce you to my gang of hooligans. Earlier in the semester, my friend Mariana (yellow shirt) invited me to tag along with her and her off-campus friends one evening. Well....after hours of talking, chocolate shopping, playing ninja, and eating Mexican food we all became friends. Hanging out with college kids has been really comforting to me lately. We all seem to understand each other's mindsets very well. Plus, we are all poor so we do really fun/cheap watching youtube videos for 4 hours straight. :D
Left to Right: Zach, Mariana, Me, Josh, and Tim

Just an update on my artistic art classes this semester are the most intense they have ever been. We have a new professor...lets just say that she is very demanding. Which probably explains how I had to pull 4 all nighters within a week (7 nights) to get the homework done on time. Oh, you all know that I got myself a new fancy pants camera...I literally drag it with me EVERYWHERE! For one of our projects, we had to do some environmental research before beginning our designs, so I was photographing around campus, and decided to get distracted in one of the studios. 
....another subject change...

I love being an RA, yet I hate it at the same time. Mostly, I love my residents. They are seriously the best. Especially for half of them being guys and lots of them are freshmen....they actually talk to me and are very respectful. But sometimes you have the situation where a group of students come walking through the front lobby at 3am completely drunk. Well, when that happens I go into what I like to call 'Mom Mode'. And it's not pretty. With being an RA, things can get stressful, so I made a 'Stress Relief Station' for me and my residents to use....hehehehe

Even though you just suffered through a a good 8 minutes of your life reading this, I feel like I haven't told you hardly anything....that's how busy I've been and all the stuff that has been happening. I wish I could say, "I'll blog again soon", but that probably won't happen until March, unless a miracle occur and I get ahold of some extra time. Hahaha

Well, it's 2:31am and I have class tomorrow morning at 9am-3pm. Ugh. I think I might be taking the entire pot of coffee with me to class. 

Peace out.    

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  1. Ah! I just blogged for the first time in MONTHS from just being too darn busy! It looks like you've been having a lot of fun though! That polar bear diving sounds funnnn. I literally stopped right after I read that paragraph and checked it out on wikipedia. Hah. Next year, I'm totally doing thatttt.

    I hope you blog again soon, but if you don't, enjoy the rest of February (& March & April & May, until the semester ends!)