Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me and my Lady

All of my readers know Charlie. My dear friend Charlie. We have been together for almost 4 years. We are the type of friends who seriously go everywhere together. Where I go, he comes along, and where I go, he comes along. We love to travel together...I mean if it isn't obvious we always go places together. 

I could go on and on about the memories that Charlie and I have shared together....like that one time we slid in circles across the road and landed in that 6 foot ditch...I ended up being late to work. Orr that one time that Charlie's soft music was putting me asleep while driving back to college and I woke up to the sight of a GIANT caution barrel that somehow managed to attack the left side of Charlie, nearly taking off the side mirror...those caution barrels are nasty things. Orrr that one time Charlie and I were driving to St. Louis with my High School friends and a really nasty rainstorm came and Charlie's windshield wipers decided not to work properly...long story short.....rainX is a wonderful thing. 

Charlie and I have had some pretty interesting experiences together. Yes, most of them usually ended up either in the ditch, at a gas station, in a car shop, or stranded on the side of a highway in some random state. A good example is like that one time that packed up my dorm to move home for the summer...I fit every single thing I owned into that car (including my fridge, chair, dresser, and without smashing my art projects). I was running late for my best friend's bridal shower, so I was driving a TINY bit faster than I probably should have...I got pulled over for speeding, then the cop noticed I had an expired license plate, and then he pointed me out that he could fine me for not being able to see out my back or side windows (because all my junk was piled up!). But don't worry, that story ended up really cool! Apparently bawling your eyes out about the awful finals week you just had makes the Geneva cops have pity on you and not get any sort of ticket (just a friendly 'I hope you have a good day').....or maybe they just freaked out once they saw all the mascara running down my face? Hahaha  

Dear Charlie, 
I know I hated you at first, but then you grew on me. After 1 year of ownership I gave you a name. Charlie it was. I know it's not a very nice name, but I think you deserved it after you slammed your door on my finger that one time. But, you were always rewarded with a pat on the hood when you got me somewhere safely. I will miss doing that to you. 
Love, Bethany    
PS: I'm sorry for every single time I slammed my face into your steering wheel out of frustration (sometimes I'm directionally challenged). Just remember that was most likely my fault and it hurt me more than it hurt you.  
PSS: Thank you for letting me decorate you with pretty stickers. You were the only one who truly understood my artistic thinking. 

After Charlie took a very sudden and dramatic trip to the car hospital.....
:''(     <-----that was my facial expression. seriously.
Then when the car doctor called me back into the shop to tell me the diagnosis, I got really scared. I felt like I was in a real hospital. And when the car repair dude told me all the damages, I realized that there were just too many and Charlie wasn't worth fixing. Then my face looked like this.....
I had become emotionally attached to Charlie, and at this point I wasn't ready to let him go. I was determined to have him all the way through college. We had made so many plans together...We were going to go out to Maryland over Spring Break, and when I graduated from college, Charlie and I and my friends were going to take a Road Trip across the country to California, and then I was going to take Charlie with me when I moved to New York. But plans change. And Charlie will not be able to join me on those adventures....but this Lady will......

I would like to introduce you to the newest Lady in my life.......BOOM!!!!
(see photo below)

I haven't EXACTLY named her...I just call her 'Lady' for now. She tends to be very sassy and fierce. She kinda reminds me of the singer Mandisa...a bigger black woman who has a powerful singing voice. I was thinking about naming her 'Mandisa the Mazda' but that didn't sit well with me. My Lady is an individual who deserves her own name. Once I came up with 'Lady', I was inspired by the names "Lady Antebellum", "Lady Marmalade", and "Lady Gaga." I really like all of those, but I need something that describes my car to me. And if you have any suggestion, I'd be more than thrilled to hear them!! :) 

But yes, this is my new traveling partner. My Lady. Please welcome her to my life, as she will probably be talked about quite a lot on my blog. :)  

Peace out! 


  1. You'll love her, Bethany...I had a Mazda 3 and sadly had to upsize to SUV for a carseat. ENJOY!

    Sara Fiechter

  2. charlie was an awesome car! Especially for all the late night talks we had in the walmart parking lot!!!:)

  3. Speaking from a "mother's" point of view....your new transportation sounds more safe.

  4. The new car looks great! Too bad for Charlie though :(

  5. Charlie was a good one, for the time of life. Not too much trouble and pretty dependable (most of the time). As time has it, a new step (up) is in order. Congrat's on your new "Lady". She's a beauty and hope she'll treat you right for the years and miles to come. Love DAD

  6. Charlie was so cute.. i really think your 'lady' deserves a very elegant name.. i will see what i can come up with. And FYI you are an awesome writer! -M.A.L.

  7. "The Silver Lady" could be an option. Let us know when she is named! Luv Mum