Monday, October 17, 2011

Skydiving....yes I'm serious.

I've always told myself and others that I would like to go skydiving, but I never truly believed that I would. The only reason I kept it on my bucket list was because I needed something crazy on there to keep me inspired. Well about a week ago, my friend Keegan, was going to come visit me down at college. 

"Hey you wanna go skydiving next weekend when I come visit you?" -Keegan
"Um....ya sure!" -Me

When I found out she was serious about it, I honestly got nervous. I wasn't sure if I was even ready to reach my dreams. But when the day came, I was ready. I'm not sure if it's even possible to 'be ready' for SKYDIVING, but I was. I was soooooo ready.   

I had probably the most sarcastic instructor. He was like "There's nothing to know, just jump." And when I asked him how long he's been doing skydiving, he answered "about a week." If I were really scared or nervous I probably would have started crying, but I was so pumped, so ready, and so excited that I just started laughing at the things he said!

Like I said....I was ready. I had probably watched about 20 hours of skydiving videos the week before, so I had already gone skydiving in my head at least 10 times!!! I was so pumped for this!!! So ready for the moment to just jump. To fly. To be free. To not have anything on my mind. To not have worries. To be away from everything. Just me and the sky! (Well...not counting the random dude strapped to my back and the photographer/videographer that was right beside me the whole time!)

When about to jump out of the plane, with my feet literally half way out the plane door, we stood there for a few moments to get our footing and timing correct before we jumped. It took every ounce of will power to not throw us out the plane door right that moment!!! Like I said, I was SOOOOOOOO ready for this moment....and now that it was at my fingertips, it was sooo hard to wait!!! But that moment.....that moment of jumping, of flying, of being's just indescribable.   

There are no words to describe this moment. "Awesome" and "Amazing" are really Really REALLY pathetic ways to describe it. It was truly unreal. Truly magical. Truly free. True excitement. True joy. Truly unreal and indescribable.  

The most beautiful view of the Earth I have ever seen. It was just magical to see Gods creation from this view! :) 

You would think that after landing I would start kissing the ground or something like most people would.....but not me. I wanted to go right back into the plane and do another round!!!! I really felt like a bird when we were parachuting back down!! It was sooooo peaceful. So soft and quite. Just me and the dude, talking like old friends as we soar through the clouds with legs dangling. 

After I landed, my friend Keegan came RUNNING over to me and attacked me with a hug!!! It was so special to experience this with her!! Talk about memories that are gonna last a lifetime!!! I love this picture below. It describes our friendship...sweet, loyal, and emotional. I love you Keegan! :) 

I'm telling you....these pictures and this text doesn't explain this experience well enough....AT ALL!!! It doesn't even COME CLOSE to describing the moment of chucking myself out of an airplane at 13,000 feet in the air and falling almost 100mph!!! I feel like I haven't described it very well at all!! 

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed the few pictures of how my day was! 

Peace Out!  


  1. No. Way. You REALLY did this?! That is CRAZY! LOVE the pictures you got - go Bethany!!!

  2. What fun! That looks exhilarating!

  3. that's my girl! Mum