Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Me

When it's just me......

I talk to myself
I obsessively clean my room
I listen to music really Really REALLY loudly 
I walk around in super high heels
I dance like a crazy girl
I pretend the floor is lava and jump around on my furniture
  I throw food in the air and (attempt to) catch it in my mouth
I look out the peep hole and creep on the people walking by 
I try to juggle plastic knives 
I rearrange the popsicles in my freezer 
I put on two pairs of fuzzy socks just because
I rock back in forth in my chair just to hear the squeaky noise
I pick up the phone just to make sure that the dial tone is still working
I count the amount of pudding cups left in my fridge
I flex in the mirror to see if my muscles have grown over night
I pick stuff up using my feet
I lay down on my stomach with my arms and legs out and pretend that I'm skydiving again
I put my pinky up in the air when I'm taking a drink

When it's just me.....sometimes I take massive amounts of pictures of myself and make collages for my blog stalkers to enjoy! 

"Live Out Loud. 
Be Crazy. 
Make your Imaginations into Reality. 
No Dream is EVER too big."

-original quote by Bethany :)  


  1. this is such an awesome post. seriously. I love it!

  2. Haha, I LOVE this Bethany! Sooooo creative!!

  3. Thanks everyone!! It's nice to be able to express myself and not feel silly!! I appreciate you all reading my blog!!

  4. Great post - you're awesome. Hoping we can really meet someday.

  5. Lol i see i'm a little late in telling you how awesome this post is!! :) Oh and also, I really do hope the super high heals you are referring to are the ones from my wedding! :D Love you!

  6. I know i am super late on commenting but iyou are soo cool! Now i want to do a blog like this. But you know mine is on adoption, so i have to find a creative way to do it with adoption! hehehe love you bunches and dont stop sharing your light! <3

    -you know who :)