Wednesday, October 5, 2011

27 Dresses

Have any of you ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? Well, assuming that you haven't, it's a movie about a young lady (Katherine Heigl played the main character) who has been a bridesmaid 27 times!! In the beginning of the movie there is a scene where two of the weddings are in the same evening, and she takes a taxi back and forth between the two weddings/receptions!! She ends up returning to one wedding, wearing the shoes from the other wedding!! 

I came very close to pulling off my own version of 27 Dresses last weekend!! One of my best friends from my hometown got married on Saturday, October 1st, and my brother got married on Sunday, October 2nd.....that's right......2 weddings, in 2 days, in 2 different states!!! And I was a bridesmaid in BOTH!!!! Katherine Heigl, you better watch out because I am well on my way to staring in 28 Dresses!! :)

It was a total of 3 days, consisting of a total of 12 hours of sleep, 4 showers, 72 bobbie pins, 1 full can of hairspray, 3 blisters on my feet, 569 photos, 4 cans of mountain dew, 7 cups of coffee, and 9 hours of driving!!! Along with that, throw in two dresses, two pairs of heels, a belt, a sash, a shrug, 3 safety pins, a piece of velcro, and a strapless bra. Lets just say I survived.......barely.      

Here is a photo of my backseat filled with wedding junk. Seriously, it was stacked up from the floor, and all over the seats. When I opened my car doors, stuff would fall out and onto the ground! And yes, I drove back to college in a bridesmaid dress. I got quite a few looks walking through the lobby in a big bright red dress with a black hoodie worn over it, rockstar shades, and fuzzy brown ugg boots up to my knees. Hehehehe what can I say?    

Pictures of BOTH weddings coming soon!!!!! This time I actually promise to blog sometime soon! No more waiting like 10 years for me to blog again!! :D 

Love you all! Peace! 


  1. LOVED this post!!!

    You looked so pretty on Saturday!!

    Sarah F

  2. I loved seeing all your pics and seeing you this weekend!!! Have a great week at college! I miss you!!!!