Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Bestie's Wedding!!!!

I told you I would, so here I am posting about my BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING!! 

First off, the Rehearsal, Wedding, and Reception went extremely well, just incase any of you were wondering! Nothing too bad happened....well.....except for the fact that my best friend...also better known that day as 'the bride', kinda sorta overslept by just a few minutes! Ok, well not exactly only a few minutes, it was more like AN HOUR AND A HALF!! But it all turned out just fine!!! 

The Wedding weekend consisted of lots of tears (mostly from me), not very much sleep, and I'm pretty sure most of the bridesmaids were slightly high from all the hairspray, makeup, and perfume fumes!! 

Here are just a few pictures of the big weekend!!

This picture below describes our friendship PERFECTLY!!!....Just downright CRAZY! Also, you can see both of our dresses much better in this photo!

Also, that dress did NOT fit me AT ALL about 3 days before the wedding! My mum came to the rescue and saved the dress from it's tent-like form and turned it into an actual dress, and she also saved me from drowning in that river that I cried myself because of the disaster state of the dress. 

Peace Out!!


  1. I took the top picture!!! :) lol. You need to post more pictures on facebook or something. Cute post ^_^

  2. yes you did, holly! thanks i liked having just a few snapshots on my own camera for my own editing/posting purposes! :)