Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 20: Blogging

Day #20: Blog about what you wish you were better at

Um..I guess I would say...blogging?! I wish I were better at blogging! Yes, Blogging! I know I'm a blogger, but I have been failing miserably at it lately! And since you probably check my blog on an hourly basis to read all my super interesting updates, you have probably been very disappointed in me, and I'm sorry. 

I don't really have some super cool excuse to give you, like,"I was attacked by a bear this weekend, so I couldn't blog", or something like, "I dropped my laptop into the Atlantic Ocean the other day."

But no...this is my excuse: I had a busy day (more like a busy week!) And I'm sure you don't want to know everything I did, but I'm going to tell you anyway! Why? Because this is the first time in 2 years that I have been this productive, so I'm gonna brag about it just a little bit! Ok? 

6am: Wake up and register for classes! (I'm taking ceramics next semester! Whoo-Hoo!) 
6:15am-7:08am: Write outline for Research Paper for my Japanese Art History Class.
7:15am: Shower and get ready for class
8:05am: Coffee Run!!!
8:15am-9:30am: Japanese Art History Class. It was a lecture today...again. 
9:30am-12noon: Work
12noon-12:59pm: Lunch!!! I had a turkey sandwich and a salad.
1pm-3pm: Web Design Class
3pm-3:38pm: Walk around campus with Kelsey, hanging up flyers.
3:40pm: Second Coffee Run!!!!!!
4pm-5:30pm: Choir Class
5:30pm-6:15pm: Jog around the neighborhood
6:25pm: Supper!!!! Ham sandwich and an apple! 
7pm-8pm: Shower, and worked on essays.
8pm-9pm: Glee!!!!!!
9pm-9:30pm: Write an article for class tomorrow
9:30pm-11pm: Campus Ministry Meeting
11pm-2am: Finish article, wrote an annotated bibliography (don't ask me what that even is, because I don't even know), watched an hour long educational video about how Catholic Beliefs influenced the Romance Literature of the 1950s and write down discussion questions about it (don't ask me what that means either! I have no clue!), and I got a good star on my research paper that's due tomorrow (don't worry, I'm sure I'll finish in time!).

So....um......ya. That was my day. It's almost 2:30am, and my stomach is begging me for some mac and cheese and ice cream cake. Hehehehe! That's not good.  

This photo is kinda how I feel about right now. Tired (it's 2:38am). Overwhelmed (did I mention that finals were coming up?). Tired (it's now 2:39am). Hungry (I really want some rice and veggies about right now). Tired (hey, look! It's 2:40am!). 

Peace Out. I'll try my best to post 'Tasty Tuesdays' tomorrow! I have a new cookie recipe that I want to share with you! 

Ok, Peace! 

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  1. lol oh poor bethany. i know those days. but mine usually doesn't have that much going on in it. it's pretty much work 9-5:30, which usually results in sore feet :[ then school until whatever time. this summer will be nice though just work, wedding, and house. oh wait... that sounds like a lot of decisions i have to make. ugh i'm so indecisive about everything, hurts my brain sometimes.

    i love that you had two coffee runs! this new coffee shop just opened about 15 minutes from the lighthouse and it's so sweet because it is open until midnight and on weekends it's open till 2 AM. so now i can take coffee runs all night!! :)