Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Me? Stylish?

Apparently people read my blog...and apparently these people think it's 'stylish'...or something like that! 

Check this out...

My newest blogger friend, Lisa, has kindly nominated me for this award!!! I am SUPER flattered!!! But to properly accept this award I must do the following...

1: Give credit and thanks to the blogger who awarded this to me!
2: Share 7 things about myself (that nobody knows!)...uh oh...that could be scary!
3: Pass the award along to 5 awesome bloggers so they can do the same! 

So here goes...
7 things about me that you probably didn't expect or know:

1:  I am starting to like coffee. I always told myself that I would NEVER become one of those coffee freaks...but I am starting to feel this strange urge to drink frappes, mochas, and cappuccinos much more often than I normally do. :( 
2: My brother smashed my hand while rolling up the window in his car. You always see it in movies, and the person is usually screaming or something...well, that's totally true because it hurts. Really super mucho badly. 
3: I climbed Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan! It was more amazing than this google photo shows...and I got one of the toughest things crossed off my bucket list at the age of sixteen!

4: I secretly would love to be stranded on some random deserted island just to see how long I could survive. I know this sounds really stupid, but I really want to put my toughness to the test! Don't worry, I have read tons of survival books as a teenager, so I'm totally prepared.
5: If I were somehow 'art-impared', or simply was never blessed with any artistic talent, I would have gone to college to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse.
6: My freshman year roommate and I once completely devoured a 9-inch chocolate-chocolate-chocolate chip cake in 3 days flat! I mean, that wasn't exactly our just kinda happened. 

7: I have a very odd, strange, peculiar, weird habit of taking pictures of my feet. I don't know what part of me thinks this is normal in any way, but I could literately show you every outfit I have worn this week from this exact angle...such an odd angle, don't you think? Nobody else sees this but me...which is why I should probably keep these photos to myself. Sorry, I guess I got carried away.

Stylish Blogger Award is being passed onto....

1: Dottie Angel: The most witty British person I have ever known of...I don't know very many witty British people, but if I did, she would be #1! She inspired my Faceless Fridays!!!!
2: Ree as The Pioneer Woman: A former city slicker who is now living on a cattle ranch. She's talented at Photography and Cooking...she inspired my Tasty Tuesdays!!!! 
3: Beki...aka...Artsy Crafty Babe: She sews and creates everything adorable, and happens to have some really cute kids too! 
4: Holly: One of my best friends from High School, who is studying photography! It's not exactly a's a zenfolio, but you can still view her photography and comment on photos!  
5: Bobbi and Mike: A husband/wife photography team! The talent of their photography is out the Wa-zoo!

Please check out these blogs...they TRULY deserve the award! And THANK YOU, Lisa for nominating me for this...I am very so very excited, honored, excited, humbled, excited, thankful and now my cheeks are turning red. :D

Peace Out!


  1. Oh thanks for participating. I learned so much about you. Funny connection I learned too. I visited Mt. Fuji when I was 19. I didn't climb it - that's really awesome. But it was spectacular to see in "real life".

  2. hahaha welcome to the coffee freaks club! isn't it awesome!? you'll never sleep again! :)