Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rough day. Period. Want to know why? I'm sure you don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway. 

#1: I accidentally turned my alarm off and went back to sleep! But I still woke up in time...hardly! 
#2: Classes starting at 8:00 am...(waaayyy to early for a city slicker)
#3: No coffee. :( 
#4: When I get back from class, I see that my roommate is still sleeping. >:(  And I have to leave and go to work. Heavy Sigh.
#5: Still no coffee.
#6: I get done with work, and look down to notice that my t-shirt does NOT match my jacket AT ALL! Like totally clashing colors. Oh well. 
#7: At lunch I'm walking to my table with 2 armfuls of food, a friend of mine says hello as she walks by, and I turn around to face her, and half of my food falls on the ground, and then i stepped on my banana. 
#8: This afternoon I got a letter from the Dean stating that I have to practically move all my belongings out of my room for 6 hours so they can treat my dorm for bedbugs. Shudder. 
#9: I found out that my mum had a dentist appointment that didn't go well at all. And then I about cried because I'm not there to take care of her. 
#10: I still haven't had my cup of coffee for the day.
#11: It was around 11:00 pm tonight that I realize that I have 14 pages of a romance novel to read for my Literature class, a 5 page research paper about how a meteorite is produced, and a 5 minute powerpoint presentation about my research paper to present to the class....and YES it is due tomorrow. Sigh. 

You know what sounds good right now? Florida. 

But, no. I'm here. Wondering if I will even be alive in the morning? If I am, then I will need at least 4 cups of coffee to keep me a teeny tiny bit functioning.  

 I start chewing on random things sometimes. For some reason I think it will make all my problems go away or something. 

Yes, I'm tired. It's 2:09am.

 So instead of finishing my homework, I'm taking pictures of myself and blogging about how worn out I feel. Wow, that's productive.

But tomorrow is another day. A better day. A day with hope, anticipation, and mystery.  

Dear God, 
Thank you for emotions. If I didn't know what feeling sad was like, then I wouldn't know how much to appreciate the happy days that You give me.  
Love, Bethany


  1. This was a great post, Bethany!

    Hope you are having a better day today. BTW, I really liked #7 :)

  2. ugh NO COFFEE... sounds rough. :( and i completely agree. 8 AM is waaaayyyy too early in the morning for a person to be going to class. that's why i have all night classes this semester. :) praying this week goes better for you. love you!