Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Tuesdays would not be Tuesdays unless you ate something tasty. At least thats the way I feel! I guess I just can't look at Tuesdays the same anymore. Here is to Tasty Tuesdays!!! I just raised an imaginary glass of orange juice in the air. 

Over Christmas Break my mum and I went Christmas shopping and we decided to use up a gift card that we had sitting around...so off to Chilies it was for us! 

I got grilled chicken on top of rice and beans. Best meal ever.

My mum got grilled chicken strips with onions and peppers. They came with tortillas, so mum could just make her own fajitas! 

And since we are girls...and girls like eating stuff that is deep fried, covered in chocolate, and has at least 5 million calories....we got THIS for dessert...a chocolate filled cake with ice cream. You see the chocolate running out of the cake and onto the plate?!? It makes me want to take a bath in chocolate. 

My mum and I have found a recipe for something like this and plan to make it sometime soon! 

About 10 seconds after the waitress set it down on the table it was completely transported from the plate and into our stomaches. No joke!  

Question of the day:
If you could take a bath in any sort of food, what would it be? Not that you would go and literately take a food bath...well, maybe some of you would...but anyway, I'm just asking. Please Comment!!!

My Answers:
Chocolate, jello, or else whipped cream.

Peace Out.

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