Friday, November 26, 2010

Faceless Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Sorry I haven't posted anything since last Friday. I have been really behind in life! :(

I have been wanting to put a different twist on my 'Faceless Fridays', so instead of seeing me posting some 'Dottie Angel' inspired photo, you get to see my brother dressed up in his current occupation.   

The corn field out back makes a lovely impersonation of Afghanistan. Don't you think so?  

Just so you know...I took about 183 photos of Adam all dressed up in his gear for a project in my Photography class.  While I was at it, I wanted to get a few 'Faceless' photos to use on my Friday posts.

I love this photo (below)! I had to get on my knees to take it.

Photo Below:

Me: Ok, I think I got enough photos of you in your vest.
Adam: Ok
[a few minutes later...]
Adam: Uh....Bethany.......[silance]........BETHANY!!!!
Me: What?

[i'm totally distracted by looking at the pictures on my camera]

Adam: I think I need some help.

[i look up and see Adam completely stuck in his gear and he's jumping up and down!]

Me: Hold On! I have to get a picture first!
Adam: I'm serious! It won't come off!

Don't worry, I did eventually help him get his gear off!

Peace Out!

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