Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friends Visit: Volume 2

So when my three friends came to visit me last weekend, we went to Newport, KY. This is the view of Cincinnati from Newport. You see that bridge? We walked across it and back into the state of Ohio!

This is the sun setting as we were walking across the bridge. Autumn is in the picture. 

Audrey (left), and Autumn (right). 

Looking over the bridge. 

These girls are so much fun to be around! They brought so much to this weekend; lots of smiles and laughter, lots of good memories, and lots of crazy moments that had me worried if we were going to be in one piece or not by the end of the day! (thats a story for volume 3!)

I told you we were going to jump over the bridge!! It was all Lena's idea! 

I love this photo...

This next picture might need an explanation! Ok, so when we were walking on the outskirts of Cincinnati, we saw this very colorful piano sitting out in the middle of nowhere. It was titled 'Play Me, I'm Yours!' We actually had one of these pianos on my college campus. It was also painted very colorfully, and it just sat out in the middle of campus for people to sit down and play on. Weird, but fun. 

Stairs are just wayyyyy to hard to climb!

So we decided to just jump the wall instead! This was also Lena's idea!

This was definitely Lena's idea! Are we seeing a pattern here with Lena's ideas? They involve danger, doing something slightly illegal, coffee, and lots of screaming! 

What an exciting Saturday! Volume 3 of Sunday's adventures will be coming soon. It involves cold pizza, a broken muffler, a singed sleeping bag, and a butterfly. 

Peace Out.

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