Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friends Visit: Volume 1

So three of my friends came all the way down the 3 hour trek to Cincinnati to visit me this past weekend! The only word to describe every single minute of this visit? CRAZY!!! Since I have over 100 pictures from this weekend, it will take me awhile to decide which ones to post, so this is only Volume 1! 

This is Autumn. She was born a city slicker and feels totally at home down here. She marched down the sidewalks with her head held high, while I followed cautiously with my pepper spray in one hand, and a rape whistle in the other! 

 This is Lena; the daredevil of our passé! For example: "Hey, let's J-walk across this busy highway with lots of cars driving by!" or "Let's take a picture pretending to jump over this bridge and into the Ohio River!" or my personal favorite..."Look at this pink hat lying on the dirty street. I think I'm going to put it on my head and see if I can get lice from it!" 

 This is Audrey...also known as 'Miss Practical Pants'! She kept us all grounded and away from doing anything too stupid! She was also the heart, soul, and sticky stuff that held our group together this weekend! 

Going for a walk behind campus.

"Hey, you can see the Ohio River from the lobby window!" 

Saturday afternoon we went to Newport, KY. It's directly across the river from Cincinnati. 

In Newport they have coffee shops...

Funky clothing stores...

Escalators for Lena to reenact scenes from the movie "Elf". 
Sorry for the blurry picture.

Large, shiny, abstract fish sculptures. I made it myself.  

In Newport they have this amazing candy shop that gives you free samples of fudge, along with a very colorful environment for photography shots!

Stay tuned for Volume 2 of the crazy adventures we had this weekend! 

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