Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farm Gal

I love being a farm gal. Its such a free feeling...having acres and acres to run on, having chickens poop all over your yard, and having an endless supply of pork in your barn. Yum!    

Below is Ray (the brownish horse) and the black horse, Sunrise (I like to call her Sunny) eating their breakfast.  Apparently they don't mind sharing it with the chickens!  

inside the barn...

my mum holding Tiger...yes her name is Tiger. 

i love her whiskers...they just pop out of this picture!

Meet the horses!

This is Ray.  My mum likes to call him 'Sweet Baby Ray'! He is pretty corporative when I'm riding him, and loves to be pet and scratched. We got him about a year ago, so he was the 'brand new toy' for awhile, which caused Sunny to get jealous and start picking on the poor guy...but don't worry, he's a toughie!  

This is Sunny. She is very smart, very fat, very sassy, and very curious...which explains the picture quite well.       

Please let me clarify this picture...I know it doesn't even look like a horse, but for some strange reason I just had to post this picture, I love it. I love the snot coming out of her nose...(thats the real deal with horses...snot, slobber, and more snot.)  And I love how her eyes are peaking over; she looks so curious as to why I am laying in a pile of her droppings  holding a digital contraption in my hands. If I weren't the one laying on the manure covered ground, I would think I was strange. 

Here is me washing up from chores. Bright blue pajama shorts work very well for 7am horse chores. On a farm you don't care what you look like, so please don't make fun of my outfit! 


Mum and I are done with morning chores, and we are on our way to the house to collapse on the couches until its time for evening chores.  Aren't we productive with our time?  But seriously, that's what we do.   

I hope you enjoyed crashing into the life of a farm gal!  Bye Ya'll. 

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  1. I miss having your help with the chores.Next weekend you are home, we will ride!