Saturday, March 23, 2013


Being a college student only means one thing.....SPRING BREAK!! Since I am a senior this will be my last spring break EVER. Then its out in the real world with no breaks. I had spent the last 6 out of 7 spring breaks working full time hours and swamped with homework. So I figured I was past due for a little vacation time....

Im kind of a last minute type of gal, and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. So this entire trip was planned within the matter of two days and about a week before we actually left.

Audrey went with me. She is one of my best friends AND my first cousin....which is like a double win!

[these pictures are in order in which they were taken. Prepare yourselves for photo-overload!...just be thankful I didn't upload all 700+ of them!]

Our parents AND grandparents were kind enough to pack us food for the long drive as well as snacks for the beach. Turns out we had enough food to last us the rest of the semester!  


Our white pasty legs....

Feeding the birds. Bad idea. They wouldn't leave us alone. 

Turns out that our lunch cooler and the 10-second self timer on my camer made for some good picture time! 

I seriously love this girl! I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend a week with! 

Siesta Keys Beach! 

This was taken at 7am...when we were attempting to watch the sunrise at the beach....we were on the west side of Florida. Don't ask. It didn't turn out well. 

Super cold and windy! Five minutes later it poured down raining.....

FL 13 (Florida 2013) it was our best attempt...

See the rain on our shirts? And our wet hair?! haha

we waited for the rain to quit. we were determined to watch the sunrise! 

We took shelter from the rain under the lifeguard shack! 

We baked salmon that night! Yummm

 the backyard of the place we stayed at! 

We went to this place called 'Jungle Gardens'! It was like a rainforest park! With animals to pet and see! :) 

Meet our friend Tinkerbell! 

We carved our names into a bamboo tree! I'm still not sure if that was legal or not?

We went to Lido Beach for a few hours in the afternoon.....

This is an actual sunrise. From the east this time.  

Went out for breakfast at this place called "The Breakfast House" original.  Their potatoes were the bomb. And they served my plate with a flower on it! 

I loved the inside of this place! Each table had a different color sceme!  

After breakfast, we walked the bridge over the bay! Our host, Suellen had the day off of work and came with us! 

Suellen (left), Audrey (center), me (right). 

Thursday afternoon we went to the State Park! Awesome places to hike! 

Off to the right you will see an aligator along the bank...

Last day in Florida! And thank goodness it was nice out cuz we spent the day at the beach!

Our hosts took us out for dinner on Friday night! What a great time we had with them, and it was such a blessing that they let us stay with them! They spoiled us girls! They gave us all the leftovers in the fridge (which was food for a king according to us college kids) and they would always say "welcome home" when we came through the door!  

Goodbye Florida.....see you next week? Okay? Okay. 

I got one thing to say.....adjusting back to the "normal" life is a little harder than I had remembered....apparently it has been a lot longer than I thought since my last vacation.

Peace out!  


  1. looks like you had so much fun! and you took 700 pics? lol guess I shouldn't be surprised! :)

  2. I somehow love the picture of the three lifeguard towers. Great composition and lighting. Glad you had a good time. Love you. Hang in there! Mum

  3. Wow - glad you 2 could get away for a nice vacation!
    Aunt Penny

  4. thanks mum! i love it too! it was so rainy and foggy that morning, it made for great pictures! and thanks aunt penny! we had a blast!! so thankful i could spend it with audrey! :)