Friday, March 9, 2012

Faceless Friday Thoughts

 I think a lot. In fact I probably have too many thoughts. I think a lot. I dream a lot. I write a lot. A country song once taught me to sell my thoughts for a dollar. I might think into that...It would help pay for my tuition. 

Anyway, for lunch today I went to Starbucks. Thanks to my mum I have a gift card to use up, so I figured why not spend my lunch hour by myself in a crowded Starbucks shop, sitting at the window stools sipping on my white chocolate mocha frappachino? Because that sounded like a good idea. And it was. It was simply wonderful.  

I enjoy being by myself. That's usually when I get the most interesting thoughts. When you spend time with yourself you get to know yourself better. There is nobody around to influence you, nobody to tell you whats what, and nobody to tell you their opinion.

It's just you and yourself. hanging out like old friends. Its a time to let your imagination take over. To let your dreams develop. Nothing feeds my creative spirit more than coffee drinks and being by myself. 

 This right here....this is my sanctuary. My escape from reality. My creative juice. 
White Chocolate Mocha Frappichino. Don't be too jealous. :) 

I like to think of myself as a spirit junkie. Exploding at the seams with inspiration and ideas. Ready at the gate with ambition on the mind. I want you to look into my eyes and see nothing but stars. Because that's how high my dreams are....I like to think of myself as all that. But I'm just a kid. Just a crazy college kid with a big list of things to do before I die.   

Happy Friday Everyone!!



  1. Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. I LOVE your faceless Friday photos on this post - you are super talented!!!!!

    I just read your profile intro thing under your picture - I don't remember it saying that before. I just had to tell you that I used to live & teach at the Deaf School and while there - I dreamed in sign language . . . and still do occasionally. It's cool when it happens - glad you dream in foreign languages too. I think it makes us cooler!

    Good luck with the rest of this semester . . . summer is just around the corner and I'm seriously hoping we can meet up at the Swiss Days 5K (no pressure, but come on- it'll be fun!!!!).

  2. i love this post! it sums you up perfectly. oh and i expect you to fulfill every one of your dreams of art and travel!
    and one more thing… your starbucks card, just reload it that way if any asks you why you get starbucks so often you can say, "oh you know i have a gift card to use up" :)