Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 9: Travis

Day #9: Blog about what makes you laugh!

My little brother Travis makes me laugh! He makes me laugh all the time! He is full of energy and he loves to impersonate scenes from movies! It's so entertaining! And you should hear the voice mails he leaves me...SO FUNNY!!! 

He is also such a boy! Dinosaurs, frogs, dirt, guns, and everything else nasty!
I love this photo below. It just shows his personality really well! And his smile is just so sweet! This photo is a little old...taken several summers ago.  

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  1. hes soooo cute. makes me miss my little brothers, cept, minus the frogs n stuff. iiick.

  2. lol aww i love this photo of him and yes it totally sums him up. it reminds me of group camp when he is always finding some new "pet" to keep for the weekend. (btw, i'm so excited for group camp this year!! it can't come fast enough!)