Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 11: Flashback

Day #11: Post a flashback photo of yourself 

Well, this is not exactly my favorite stage of life, which means it was not exactly my favorite photo of myself. 

I was super tall for my age, and the tallest in my 5th grade class. Ugh. Maybe that's why I'm scared to death to wear heels? 

I technically still had glasses at this point, but since I had been begging for contacts, I took off my glasses for the photo because I wanted to "look cool".

That was also my favorite church skirt at the time! I had recently went from buying clothes in the girls section to buying clothing in the womens/juniors department. So I was feeling super mature at this time in my life! 

Those were some good ole days! No college, no drama, no car, no cell phone....I was as free as a bird back then! 

Thanks for reading! Peace!


  1. Love this picture along with your description of it :)

    Too funny!