Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Timeline

These photos just make me smile! I hope they make your day too! 

I had two older brothers who picked on me, but mom and dad gave me all the special attention and pity because I was the only girl in the family! This photo was taken at the Zoo!  

My little sister, Heather was born. I was only 4 and my hair reached past my elbows!  

Family Photo Time! Check out those puffed sleeves I'm wearing! Anne of Green Gables would be jealous! 

Every year we would plant pumpkins and sell them at the end our our driveway. It was like a Lemonade Stand, but instead, a Pumpkin Stand! And yes, my hair was long enough to be sat on...that happened quite often in the classrooms of elementary school. 

This photo makes me laugh out loud! I think we were going for the "Denim and Sunflower" look! And I love how Adam and I have very similar glasses! 

My little brother, Travis joined us in 2002; life has been a blast ever since! I really miss that shirt I'm wearing! I wish it still fit me!  

The most recent family photo, and probably the last one until it's time to send out next year's Christmas cards! 

Peace Out! 

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  1. I rmember most of these photos. Amazing how time flies. Seems like yesterday that you had that long of hair.
    Just wondering how the bedbug deal came out? The thought of it makes me itch.