Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peoria Trip

Looking back on some photos I found on my parent's computer....I realized that I'm getting really old. I used to be young and energetic. Now I'm kinda pudgy and I find myself sitting around a lot. 

Anyway, I found some pictures of a weekend trip to Peoria, IL that I took with a few girls and I thought I'd share them! 

Me (left), Chelsea (center), and Alyssa (right). 

I traveled with two blondes, which really worried me! 

Everybody knows about this chicken! I pass it every time I trek out to Illinois. Trust me, it has made my teenage traveling years a lot more fun!  

Chelsea (left), Alyssa (center), and Me (right).

This chicken is right along the highway, so we pulled over take a few pictures.

We ended up having a contest on "Who can look/act the most like a chicken?" 

I do NOT look like a chicken in this one! More like a dog!  

When we arrived in Illinois, we pulled off the road just for this picture! And yes we were standing in the ditch, which was very steep! 

Thanks for these awesome memories girls! You two were so fun to travel with! We need to do this again! Soon!  

Who do you think won the chicken contest?  
Please comment!


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  1. Chelsea is the best chicken. Love the picture with the map!