Friday, January 14, 2011

Faceless Friday

This week's Faceless Friday is 'Christmas inspired' or something along those lines...I guess I really miss the Christmas Season. I only like the winter months if it's around Christmas time, but once Christmas is over I just want the snow to go away. 

Technically you can see my face in the second and third photo, but at least the first one is faceless! 

When I see these photos I just want to shout "Where's Waldo?!?!" 

Ok, funny story time....So I was in my choir class yesterday afternoon, and the professor was doing attendance. And he called out the name Waldo...and there was no response....then someone suddenly yelled "WHERE'S WALDO???" It was really funny, and then everyone laughed. Then we found out that the professor wasn't just messin' with us...there really is a kid in our choir class named Waldo. Then we all laughed harder!  

My little brother Travis was actually tearing down the tree while I was taking these photos. When I was in the middle of taking a photo, he took this bulb away; I told him that I wasn't done yet and to leave it on the tree for another minute. So he did...for exactly 1 minute. You see he stood there and counted to 60 in his head and then immediately took the bulb off the tree when he was done. And yes, I was in the middle of taking another picture. 

Peace out.

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